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John Corrales | DRE# 01263687

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John Corrales | DRE# 01263687



John Corrales | DRE# 01263687

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John Corrales | DRE# 01263687


John Corrales

With over 25 years of experience and a track record of selling over 1000 homes, my passion lies in helping others achieve success. My current goal is to ensure that every agent at the Corrales Group is financially secure in their business by July 2024, empowering them to either venture out on their own or build their own teams. We believe in nurturing exceptional talent, which in turn enhances our service, efficiency, and care for our clients. Our culture at the Corrales Group aims to redefine traditional real estate practices by providing expert guidance of the highest caliber, making your life easier and more fulfilling. Setting an example of assistance begins with me and my commitment to proactive problem-solving.

Recognizing the challenges of fatigue and pressure, we implement a 30-second rule on our team, allowing anyone to reach out to me, our peak performance coach, or any team member for support. With access to top-tier executive and performance coaches, we prioritize personal growth and success. When I'm focused on a goal, obstacles dissipate, enabling me to deliver my utmost for you.

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Dear Clients, Friends and Neighbors,

When I was young, I played basketball at the John Wooden summer camps. I played my heart out and won the Wooden Award twice and felt pretty darn good about myself. But the one thing Coach Wooden said to me was, "Never rest on your laurels.” I never forgot it. 

Real estate has been an amazing career for me. I am grateful to have sold 800+ homes totaling over $1 Billion. I could share my career accolades or stats, but what I find most rewarding is what I can do for you now and in the future. I am focused on how we can achieve results for our clients. 

Helping others is my sole purpose. Our team mission at The Corrales Group is showing up. Showing up for our clients, friends, family, colleagues, and ourselves, even when challenges stand in the way. During our weekly meetings, we discuss our mindset, how to reach higher levels of performance, and how we can show up everyday for you. This enhances our awareness and creates solutions. Often, what happens next is nothing short of a miracle, where the impossible becomes possible, and complex situations become clear. We create strategies daily that we put into action for each of our clients. 

I work with the best team I have ever put together. I call them the Zen Ten! The team is full of talent, creativity, and purpose. We are intentional and deliver high quality communication and service to you, our valued client. We want to maximize your investment opportunities while focusing on your family and lifestyle. 

If you’re thinking of buying or selling a home or just want to talk about real estate, let’s talk. We love what we do and the people we serve. 

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"Savvy, hands-on representation by people who really know the market and how to get things done. John Corrales and the entire team were a pleasure to work with. The sale negotiations with our buyer were particularly complex, but John maneuvered it ..."

- Robert Katzberg

"John Corrales and his team worked tirelessly to sell my property during the difficult winter months. They saturated the local market and beyond with beautiful professional photos of my property ensuring a steady stream of potential buyers until it..."

- Seller


The Corrales Group is one of the leading real estate teams in the South Bay with over 20 years of experience within the luxury market.

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